Your legacy matters!

Who are we?

Quantum Ventures International is a global non-profit organisation with a clear and dedicated mission: To enable and support social entrepreneurs who are looking to help raise the quality of life for others. We exist solely to help organisations, businesses and individuals whose true goals are raising people's awareness, eliminating illness and poverty, providing affordable education, protecting the environment and generally improving society.

Quantum Ventures is a H2H (human to human) organization. This means all human aspects of the business such as advisors, mentors, associates, employees and especially clients, are all carefully selected based on a detailed assessment of values, ethnocentricity and intent. By building a team this way, we create a strong synergy and a high standard of moral and ethical focus. All of which leads to an aligned, great and global family.

Quantum Ventures is committed to creating profound and long-term relationships and adding value to everyone whose lives it touches. At a client level, this is supported by the nature of our non-profit structure which allows us to provide high quality and premium rated services far below market rates. Driven by our commitment to supporting social entrepreneurship, this brings affordability and accessibility to business owners, allowing them to focus on creating positive change while we support the strategic and critical infrastructure required for them to do so. In short, the needs of our associates, partners and clients become our own needs, and our desire to contribute to their growth is always our top priority.

Our success is not measured by our balance sheet but in smiles on the faces of people with whom we work together and in whose fulfilment of dreams and happiness we are grateful to contribute to. Hopefully playing at least a small part in enabling their products, ideas and services to touch many more lives. This is what we consider to be the fulfilment of our purpose.

Quantum Ventures is a transparently established, highly efficient organisation made up of hundreds of world class professionals from all corners of the world. Each and every one of them resonate fully with our mission and have been carefully selected primarily based on their life values and only then by their professional skills. Our mentors are world renowned and recognised authors and entrepreneurs such as Peter Sage, Tony Robins, Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

Although we work on non-profit grounds, our budget is not structured on donations, subsidies and grants.

As the example of what we teach, we are self-sustaining and financially independent. This also allows us to avoid being beholden to, or influenced by, any third parties and forced to compromises our choices, values or mission in anyway. Quantum Ventures is exclusively financed from the founder’s fund, and revenue from the services we offer. In addition, we offer full financial transparency and all revenue is distributed according to the following formula:

Labor Costs (salaries, contributions, fees, commissions) -70%
Marketing costs (to reach as many people as possible) -10%
Development costs (in order to grow and maintain quality) -10%
Donations (to help the most needed) -10%

Why are we doing it?

We are living in a pivotal time. We believe humanity is currently experiencing the biggest change and transition ever in its’ history. For example, it is estimated that 10 years from now almost 50% of today’s jobs will not exist. And while much will change in the framework of society, we believe the biggest shifts for people will be internal.

The latest discoveries and achievements in the field of quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence, together with a groundswell of interest in personal growth development, are creating a fundamental change in many peoples’ quality of consciousness, their relationship to life and, more importantly, how they will live it in the future. In addition, humanity now has access to virtually unlimited knowledge, completely free. If managed correctly, this incredible phenomena allows us to communicate and add value to a global audience, instantaneously and without limitations and thereby creating conditions for better, higher quality and more fulfilled lives of every human being.

Quantum Ventures is not only committed to being part of this movement, but is positioned to act as a facilitator. We seek to set the standard for social enterprise and help others achieve the same. To use the platform of business as a catalyst for improving humanity as we know it. Driven by sustainable harmony. Not profit before people.

We believe a new era is coming – an era that will see the next generation recognize the moral and social responsibility for being better custodians of the future. An era of cleaner energy, less pollution and a respect for the fragility of the environment and the harmony of the nature in includes. It is obvious the period of greed, pollution, alienation and dissatisfaction needs to be, and soon will be, behind us. Remembered as part of the growing pains of an evolving society, and with lessons we can be grateful we learned before it was too late. In short, it is time for a new kind of approach. It is time to move on.

Who are our clients?

In order to fulfil our mission, we must carefully choose the clients we work with. Our primary selection criteria is alignment of values. Secondly is their commitment and ability to create a positive change in society. It is not the client's size that is important to us, it is their vision. Quantum Ventures will deliver the same level of devotion, focus and passion to all of those we choose to work with. Whether it a yoga teacher in Manhattan, who wants to teach more people how to relieve stress and live a more fulfilled life, or an international humanitarian organisation that provides education to children in Africa. After all, history shows every movement starts with a humble begging and that it is the intention that counts. If need be, we can easily provide the ability to scale.

How can we help?

Our activity takes place in 4 different, but highly intertwined segments: business services, impact investing, donations, and retreat centre services.

Business services

  • Incorporation of a company for global business while optimising the tax strategy
  • Establishing bank accounts, credit card payment systems, accounting systems
  • A wide array of legal, tax advisory, bookkeeping and insurance services
  • Creating a business strategy, business modelling, establishing an efficient organisation
  • Expertise, help, and support in building an efficient, globally distributed team
  • Brand development, service and product development, price strategy and market positioning strategy
  • Organising and running an outsourced 24/7 call centre (Support as a Service)
  • Organising and running an outsourced sales team (Sales as a Service)
  • Market research, marketing strategy development, strategy planning for entering new markets
  • Designing and creating an online sales channel that brings measurable results
  • Creating and promoting articles, e-mail campaigns, newsletters, search engine optimisation
  • Public relations, social networking, guerrilla marketing
  • Creating a sales strategy, building a team, training and educating sales representatives
  • Designing logos, business and promotional materials, leaflets, business cards
  • Designing and developing responsive websites, web shops, and online courses
  • Designing and developing iOS and Android mobile applications
  • Registering domains and web hosting, databases, e-mail addresses
  • Implementing a system for collecting statistics and proposing measures for results improvement
  • Security protection and system surveillance, defending against malicious attacks
  • Program code analysis and quality assessment
  • Producing professional photo and video materials, capturing by drone
  • Designing online courses, seminars and education
  • Covering newscasts, live streaming and internet streaming
  • Producing and recording TV commercials and promotional videos, digital editing
  • Hiring white-label TV studios, producing studio shows and podcasts

Impact investing

Quantum Ventures gathers a wide network of 200+ business angels and VC investors from Europe and America interested in direct or syndicated investments in innovative and disruptive social startups, whose visions and values are aligned with ours.

In addition to financial investments, we build a pipeline for startups to join some of the recognised incubator or accelerator programs. We also provide counselling and mentoring, and can organise a strategically planned presence for the startups on the United States market.

How much do business services cost?

Our non-profit character allows us to form prices that are among the most accessible ones on the market, along with premium quality of the services. In order to maintain such ratio of quality and cost, we carefully pay attention to our business being optimised, and, using the latest Internet technologies, we employ top-class people from all over the world with affordable work costs.

Services are usually calculated based on employee work hours, which may vary depending on the complexity for the single job. Working hours are clearly specified and sent to the client for approval. The price ranges from $25 per hour for the simpler tasks to more.


Each year, we donate 10% of our income to charities, to those most in need. Donations can be in money, equipment or our services, depending on the needs of the recipient. We make sure that donations are directed to the right hands, to individuals and organisations that will use them with transparency and serve as an example of a change for the better.